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Permanent Dentures and Partial Dentures

Congratulations on your new smile!  We are confident that after a few weeks of becoming adjusted to your new permanent dentures or partial denture you will have years of satisfaction from them.

Immediate Dentures:  It is very important to NOT remove denture until instructed.  Once surgery is done, healing needs to take place.  If remove the denture, you may not be able to get it back in.  Call the office if you need to be seen before your next appointment

Sore spots: It is common to get “sore spots” after wearing the partial denture for 24 hours. These areas can be adjusted for your comfort during a quick visit to our office. In addition, your new bite may not feel completely comfortable for several weeks while you get used to your new dentures. We can adjust this also.

It is important to take your partial denture out at night while sleeping, to give your tissues a chance to breathe and rest. Keep the partial denture soaking in water overnight.

Your permanent dentures and partial denture can be easily cleaned by using a mild toothpaste and denture brush. Periodic soaks in a denture solution (for ex. Polident) can leave your dentures fresh and clean. If you are wearing full permanent dentures, it is important to also brush your gums once a day, to condition and clean them. If you are wearing a partial denture, use special care to clean the parts that come into contact with your natural teeth. Both your teeth and the partial denture must be kept very clean to reduce the chance of new decay.

Over time, without any natural teeth in them, your jaws and gums will shrink. When this happens, your permanent dentures and partial denture will feel loose and ill-fitting and will need relining. Wearing ill fitting dentures for too long without relining can lead to a number of problems and can actually cause severe jawbone loss and serious oral disease. Please call our office when you find your dentures don’t fit as well as they used to.